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Ritemagic is an e-publishing facility set up by Mike Harris which aims to keep the best of magical writing available as ebooks in cd or download both in easily readable pdf (Acrobat) format.  In addition to Mike's own writing, other authors featured presently include GARETH KNIGHT, ALAN RICHARDSON, NAOMI OZANIEC, STEVE BLAMIRES and HELENE WATSON....with more to follow.  The promise is to publish old and new material which is written by people who are experienced in and serious commentators on their particular magical speciality...or to put it another way...NO MORE FLUFFY BUNNY STUFF!


There are great advantages to e-publishing . We can include a great deal of flexibility...color illustration and interactive features for example. Manuscripts can be easily appended, updated and revised at relatively no cost and most important of all, the reader can save and print whatever individual sections of a work they feel to be important. Production costs are lower than conventional books so, whether we sell downloads or, more usually, cd's, the author also gets more for his or her work...which is the way that we feel it should be!


For details of authors and titles and how to buy press the Ritemagic´┐Ż link below