Avalon of the heart

the Dion Fortune seminar

Glastonbury Town Hall Sept 2nd 2006.







photographs by Tammy  Wallace


More than a year ago Naomi came up with the idea of holding a modest get together of speakers and like minded friends to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the death of Dion Fortune. 

The Small Hall at Glastonbury Town Hall was duly booked; ticket sales began unusually early and requests for places continued at the eleventh hour. On the day the hall was filled to maximum capacity and we, sadly, had to turn folks away. We were urged then and afterwards to book the large hall for next year...we have in fact since booked the Assembly Rooms for Saturday September 1st next year (with a capacity of tone hundred and eighty) ..more of which later.

We were delighted that our friends Alan Richardson and Gareth Knight agreed to be our distinguished guest speakers and then enter with such gusto into the lively open forum session at the end. We are also grateful to Tammy Wallace for such sterling service as discreet photographer, bookstall keeper , guardian of the door and general sane helper. Many more folks helped with publicity, assistance and advice, too numerous to mention here, but nonetheless very much appreciated. Thanks also to those who donated to the Bligh Bond Memorial Appeal, to ensure that a suitable headstone is provided for his somewhat neglected grave at Llanelltyd. (we would be delighted, at the time of writing, to receive any further donations) 

But most of all thanks to everybody who, whatever their interest or tradition, felt that Dion Fortune and her Avalonian associates had at some time given them something worthwhile and worth acknowledgement and came to help us celebrate her life and work. By all accounts it was a quite exceptional day, at Dion Fortune's Avalon of the Heart in the heart of Avalon.


Just to correct a misunderstanding which cropped up in a couple of conversations on the day. This event was held under the auspices of the Company of Avalon , not the Avalon Group, which is a completely separate esoteric society, but whose leaflets we were more than happy to make available on the day. Whilst Mike Harris was the co founder of the Avalon group, he left some years ago to found the Company of Avalon. ..taking the name from the "original" company of Bligh Bond's inner informants at Glastonbury Abbey!  Both groups continue in the same spirit ,however, acknowledging their debt to both Dion Fortune and Glastonbury. 


Scripts of the talks given may, in part ,be found through the links lower down on this page.


What next ?

Since the seminar, the feedback and signs following have been quite extraordinary, so what next?

Next year's meeting, at which Gareth Knight has already agreed to speak,  may tend to be a little more magically specific and the theme which seems to be arising, at the time of writing, points us to The Immortal Hour..Dion Fortune, Avalon and Faery. But more of that nearer the time. Meanwhile please make a note of the date and venue.

Sept 1st 2007. The Assembly Rooms, High street , Glastonbury.

We shall offer tickets in the first instance to those who attended Avalon of the Heart, probably at the start of the year, but by all means spread the word among like minded friends!

Meanwhile, we would be happy to consider informally hosting, teaching or facilitating, in whatever way seems appropriate, any follow up (and/or preparatory!!!) activity that folks may like to undertake in regard to Dion Fortune, and her fellow Avalonians. This will of course be concerned more with the elaboration of her work rather than the well documented esoteric history of her times.

Do let us have your observations on this and indeed on anything covered at the seminar. We would like to maintain the momentum and fellowship generated by the event. You can email us by clicking the following link and  we'd love to hear from you.

Email Mike and Naomi

We are also inspired to offer a new course - a path into the Western Mystery Tradition based on the work and teachings of DF. This might suit those looking for a place to begin. We envisage supplying lessons on CD. Tentatively called, 'In the Footsteps of Dion Fortune', the course will include instruction and teaching necessary for preliminary engagement in a Mystery School curriculum. Please let us know if you are interested by clicking here : I would be interested in a preliminary course of mystery teaching "in the footsteps of Dion Fortune"



Avalon of the Heart. Sept 2nd 2006.

Lectures and lecture notes

Gareth Knight

Avalon of the Heart

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Naomi Ozaniec

Dion Fortune,The Stars and the Goddess

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Alan Richardson

Dion Fortune and the Spirit of Place

Lecture map only


Mike Harris

1) Introduction

2) Dion Fortune and the Inner Planes

Intro & (most of) Lecture