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Mike Harris is an authority on the Western Mystery and Brythonic Celtic Traditions and has written and lectured extensively on both of these during the last twenty years. He first became interested in meditation, magic and related subjects whilst practicing Aikido in the late 1960's, but now confines his "ki" activities to being a Reiki master! He received his magical training from Gareth Knight and was one of the founding Magi of the group centred on Hawkwood College that Knight subsequently formed in the early 1980's. Mike lead the group during its eventual transformation into the Avalon Group, which he co- founded with Wendy Berg. He is considered to be one of the leading authorities and exponents of ritual magic in the Western Tradition today. Mike is presently Magus of the Company of Avalon and a member of the advisory board of the Wisdom of the Ancients project in North Wales . He is an author and a published poet and has appeared on British television. 

Mike lives in North Wales, in the breathtaking Snowdonia scenery which inspired the Mabinogion and which gave birth to the mythologies of Arthur, Merlin and Taliesin.  Following careers in advertising, finance and retailing, he now devotes his full time energies to writing, lecturing, workshops and the direction of the Company of Avalon. He also provides innovative "Magic on the Land" excursions in North Wales and in other magical locations upon the British landscape.

Magic on the land excursions

The ridge of Cadair Idris which dominates the landscape of southern Snowdonia and overshadows Mike's home. Cadair Idris ("the chair of Idris") has played a considerable role in welsh mythology. It appears from Mike's researches (see books) to have represented the constellation of the Great Bear in ancient representations of the night sky upon the "star map" of the local landscape. . JRR Tolkien did much of his writing not far from here             Tolien had a writing retreat in arthog just ubder 

Burial chamber at Dyffryn Ardudwy

Standing stones on the Bronze Age trackway below Cadair Idris

Bryn Celli Ddu burial chamber, Anglesey

Moel Ty Uchaf stone circle

Celtic Iron Age settlement, Din Lligwy , Anglesey


River Gamlan, probably the site of King Arthur's last legendary battle.

Typical "Magic on the Land" excursions include locations like these, set in the stunning scenery of Snowdonia . Mike has managed to weave his extensive knowledge of magic and mythology to topography and archaeology to tell the stories of Arthur, Merlin and Taliesin, to show how welsh Celtic mythology worked with landscape  (and still does!). Excursions can be tailored to suit all tastes from the studious to the lighthearted to the seriously magical. 

Mike has also works with sacred tour groups at Glastonbury, Avebury, Stonehenge and other notable sites in Britain and arranges itineraries  with a good mix of "on the land"/earth energies work, history, archaeology, mythology and formal ritual/ pathworking as required.

FEES are subject to size of group and activities. The 2003/2004 season fee scale starts at  �195 per day (9.30am-7.30 pm) plus expenses. 

For further details and availability email Mike at [email protected] 

Books  and Cd's


Mike's first book on the Celtic tradition, with a forward by Gareth Knight 

"What you will read within these pages is the stuff of magic. It is a distillation of practical magical experience of twenty years and more.."

 Arthur, Taliesin and Merlin and the ancient writings of the bards who gave them life, linked to the Bronze Age and Neolithic sites of Britain. The welsh Celtic underworld of Annwn , the goddesses of welsh mythology and the white ladies of Faery who validated the rule of ancient kings. 

Publisher: www.sunchalice.com

Co written with fellow initiate Wendy Berg. 

One reviewer commented   

"There are not enough books like this one on the market today, and more's the pity. This is an absolutely excellent look at the importance of the masculine and feminine in magickal and spiritual endeavors, working in harmony together. The authors have done extensive research and impart their years of experience in the mix. They pull no punches in dispelling inaccuracies in histories - conveniently altered over time to suit the needs of a given religious tradition - to prove their theory correct. This is a volume for those who wish to delve deeply into the truth of their magick, and to open the doors to its more extensive use."


Publisher: www.llewellyn.com











Workshops, lectures and courses

Mike has lectured and given workshops for a number of years for a wide variety of groups and individuals, including members of the Pagan Federation, Christian meditation groups, New Age, Celtic and Qaballistic groups, groups interested in Egyptian mythology and magic and so on. He has facilitated and directed workshops on ritual magic from England to Scotland, to Wales, Colorado to New Mexico, Massachusetts and elsewhere. Workshops at Hawkwood College have included :  "Starlight on Stone" (Celtic). "Atlantis to Avalon" (Avalonian) The Sermons of Isis (Egyptian) and so on. 

Specialist workshops and courses are available by arrangement

contact: [email protected]




Mike has written the Company of Avalon correspondence course. This ten lesson course on data CD, with supervision and back-up instruction is intended to take individuals through the equivalent of first degree training in the Western Mystery Tradition. It may be used as a course of training for those who wish to pursue an individual magical path or, upon successful completion of the course, join the Company of Avalon.

See main Company of Avalon site/click here for details.    

All material on this site is copyright   � mike harris 2003