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Frederick Bligh Bond Appeal


In life Frederick Bligh Bond achieved fame and courted controversy, not least in his interrogation of the long dead monks of Glastonbury Abbey.  In his own death, however, he lies in a neglected and almost anonymous grave in Llanelltyd churchyard near Dolgellau in North Wales where he was laid to rest in 1945.  Since then, Bond�s neglected wartime grave has become almost indistinguishable from the surrounding turf. 


It seems not unreasonable that the man who spent so many years of his life at the Gate of  Remembrance, ministering, in his way, to the long dead of Glastonbury Abbey, should not in his turn, be afforded a reasonable memorial.  The Company of Avalon Mystery School (taking its name from the body of long dead monks who communicated with Bond) is therefore launching an appeal to raise some �800 to this end. If you wish to contribute something, please contact Mike Harris by emailing [email protected] . or use the donation button below. 

It is our hope that the appeal will be given further momentum at the Company of Avalon�s Avalon of the Heart seminar in remembrance of another celebrated Avalonian, Dion Fortune (with whom Bond worked for a time). The Avalon of the Heart seminar will take place at Glastonbury Town Hall on September 2nd.  Speakers will include Gareth Knight, Alan Richardson, Naomi Ozaniec and Mike Harris. CLICK HERE for further details.

The memorial that we propose to erect, in addition to putting the grave in good order, will look like this